The Short answer: Five-Minute Delivery is a delivery game that takes five minutes to play. (The title kinda seems obvious now, doesn’t it?) The game is played in real time (meaning everybody plays at the same time with no turns). A variety of MP3’s give you different directions and play experiences, and each track lasts for…five minutes!

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Play Time

Plain and simple: Five minutes. This game has been purposefully designed for multiple rounds even when you don’t have a ton of time. For really fast players, this can be done in as fast as five minutes, where slower players may take as long as five minutes to finish.


Most people will find 2-4 players preferable. If you have more people in your family that want to play, you can add expansion characters as they become available. In addition, you can play with team rules and double the number right out of the box!

Age Level

The suggested age is 8 and older, but anyone who can read and move pieces would be able to play. For those unable to read at the age of 8, please contact The Literacy Project or your local school administrator for assistance.


Being so easy to teach, so fast to play, and a game where you don’t need an extensive game knowledge to play makes Five Minute Delivery a perfect activity for friends, family, and sweethearts alike.

This game saved my marriage and restored my faith in humanity. Thanks, Chapter Three!

John Jacob

I wasn't sure how long a game like Five Minute Delivery this would take to play. It was hard to tell with a title like that, but after playing it, I was surprised to discover it only took five minutes! When I played two games, it took ten minutes, and three only took fifteen minutes! Wow!

Don L. Duch

This game almost cost me my career! I bet my boss we couldn't get through an entire game at lunchtime, but we finished in five minutes! I bet double or nothing during afternoon break and lost again! How was I supposed to know that we'd be able to play an entire game of Five Minute delivery in only five minutes? Now I look like a ninny to my boss and coworkers.

Bill Mee

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