Goblin Six Pack (Extra Goblin Pack collection)


The Goblin Six Pack includes all the Extra Goblin Player Packs (Black, White, Green, Orange, Red, and Tan) and has everything you need to add up to six additional players to your Five Minute Delivery game, including:

• Six Goblin Meeples (one of each color)

• 108 Bundle Cubes (18 of each color)

• 6 Player Cards (one for Lorisu, Jarako, Lizula, Jonzi, Linduh and Tom)

• 6 Warehouse Town Tiles (one of each color)

• 32 Bonus Address Cards (the 2 normally included in each Goblin Pack and 20 exclusive cards only available in the Six Pack)


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The Player Pack Collection includes all six Extra Goblin Packs (Black, White, Green, Orange, Red, and Tan), allowing you to add 1-6 additional players for the Five Minute Delivery game or just swap out the original colors with something different!  Each Player Pack includes:

• 6 Goblin Meeples (orange, green, black, white, red and tan)

• 108 Bundle Cubes (18 of each color)

• 6 Warehouse Tiles ((orange-ish, green-ish, black-ish, white-ish, red-ish and tan-ish)

• 6 Goblin Deliverer Cards (Jarako, Lorisu, Lizula, Jonzi, Linduh and Tom)

• 12 additional Address Cards matching the additional Warehouse Tiles

• 20 Bonus Address Cards (only available in the Goblin 6-pack)

• Goblin cards for the Fnurf and Slurgo goblins



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