In a nutshell: Five-Minute Delivery is a delivery game that takes five minutes to play. (The title kinda seems obvious now, doesn’t it?) The game is played in real time (meaning everybody plays at the same time with no turns). A variety of MP3’s give you different directions and play experiences, and each track lasts for…(can you guess it)…five minutes!

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Five Minute Delivery Slurgo Hamlet

Play Time

Plain and simple: Five minutes. This game has been purposefully designed for multiple rounds even when you don’t have a ton of time. For really fast players, this can be done in as fast as five minutes, where slower players may take as long as five minutes to finish.

Age Level

The recommended age is 8 and older, but anyone who can read and/or match the pictures of homes on the Address Cards to the ones on the Game Board will enjoy the game just as much.


Most people will find 2-4 players preferable. If you have more people in your family that want to play, you can add expansion characters as they become available. In addition, you can play with team rules and double the number right out of the box!


Being so easy to teach, so fast to play, and a game where you don’t need an extensive game knowledge to play makes Five Minute Delivery the perfect activity for friends, family, and sweethearts alike.

Five Minute Delivery MP3s

Ready to play Five Minute Delivery? Click the link below and be directed to each MP3 recorded for the game. Feel free to stream from this page, or download them for your personal use at home!

Listen Now!

This game saved date night for my wife and I. Except for the fact that she always wins, we both can't get enough of this game! All kidding aside, thank you Chapter Three.

John Jacob

How can a game you can play during a commercial break be this fun!?

Don L. Duch

Five Minute Delivery is pure genius, and absolute fun. My family can't get enough of it!

Bill Mee

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